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Bell Feature


The time clock has a built in relay where a bell can be connected and configured to ring at different times during the day. The connection is very simple and following the instructions and guidelines below the bell should work, however we recommend to get assistance from an electrician since this type of connection requires a little bit of electrical knowledge.

The device has a built in relay that will output 12v, so you will be need to use a bell/buzzer that requires 12v to operate. After the connection is done you will have to configure on the device menu options up to 10 times during the day where the device will ring and each time can be configured to ring for up to 10 seconds.

Connection Diagram and pictures

Color definition from the bell connector

BLACK = Common contact 
WHITE= Normally Closed
GREEN= Normally Opened

Click on the link below for a full data sheet of the built in relay inside the Easy Clocking device.

How to configure the times for the time clock to ring during the day

  1. On the time clock press the Menu key.
  2. Once in the menu select Settings and press OK.
  3. From the Settings select Basic and press OK.
  4. Scroll down to Bell Settings and press OK.
  5. There will be a list of 10 different times available to configure.
  6. Select # 1 and press OK.
  7. Using the time clock keypad press OK to allow editing the time and duration. (Time format is 24 hours)
  8. Once the selection has been made, scroll down to OK and press the OK to save.


Contents of the Box

Depending on which time clock you have purchased, it may come with the below items.