Getting Started Guide

Keypad and Menu Overview

In order to use the terminal itself it comes with a keypad allowing you to enter the menu and do a range of other functions.

The following is a quick guide on using the keypad and menu.
The keypad is touch sensative so you need to make sure that you are placing your finger exactly on the item you want. It also means that if you leave your finger on the keypad then this will register multiple presses of the button.

The device keypad looks like the following on either our EC-50, EC-200 or EC-500

The following options are available:

  1. The 'Menu' button allows you to enter the menu functions of the terminal. If you have set up 'Administrators' of the terminal then after pressing the menu button you will need to verify that you are the administrator. When you first purchase the terminal the menu is not locked and when you press the 'Menu' button you will be given access to the menu.
  2. The arrow keys allow you to navigate around the menu. In some areas these also allow you to modify settings. For example when i change an option from 'No' to 'Yes' or vise versa i use the up and down arrows to change it.
  3. The 'OK' button allows you to select items in the menu. Also when you see an option that has the 'Yes' or 'No' options you first press 'OK' to state you are going to change them. Then you change the option using the up and down arrows and then you press 'OK' again to confirm the change.
  4. The number keys allow you to key in information in the menu. For example when you are asked for a user id number when enrolling a user you can enter their ID using the number pad. Some numbers have a function outside of the menu and this is listed below.
  5. The 'ESC' key allows you to escape out of an option without changing it or simply to escape back out of the 'Menu'


As stated above some of the numbers on the key pad have a function outside of the menu.


These numbers have the following functions:

  1. The '0' Zero key allows you to enter the user ID when your users use pin codes instead of fingerprints or cards. For example if i am user ID no 123 then i would press the '0' Zero key then i would type in my ID of 123 then press 'OK' i will then be asked to enter my pin code.
  2. The '9' Nine key allows your users to enter a job code before they clock in. This function is only valid for our 'Cloud Customers' as the Windows Desktop Version (WDV) does not have a job tracking function. When you press the '9' Nine key the system will ask you to type in the Job code. You can then type in the job code if you have sent it from the 'Cloud System' to the terminal. Once you have typed in the 'Job Code' press the 'OK' button to confirm the job then use your fingerprint, proximity card or pin code to clock in.