Getting Started Guide

Clearing Data from Terminals

There are only a few scenarios where you would want to clear bulk data from the terminal.
This may be if it has filled with clocking data and you need users to clock in and out. Thus you can clear the clocking data.

Remember that the terminal can hold up to 100,000 clock times and this would take years to fill even with 100 employees as such you do not need to do this constantly. You could however do this perhaps once a year.

NOTE: If you are going to clear all the time records from the terminal then it is important to first download them to your software.

There are several options of data that can be bulk cleared in the terminal.


These are detailed below:

  • Press the 'MENU' button if you are not already in the menu.
  • Then go to the 'Settings' menu.


  • Use the left and right arrows to navigate to the 'Settings' menu.
  • Once the 'Settings' menu is highlighted then press the 'OK' button to enter the settings menu.
  • Once in the settings menu you can go to the 'Advanced' option.


  • Use the arrow buttons to navigate to 'Advnaced'
  • Once 'Advanced' is highlighted press the 'OK' button to enter that menu.
  • Once in the 'Advanced' menu you can scroll to the bottom of the list where the details about clearing data are shown.


  • Use the down arrow to scroll down until you see the options for clearing data.
  • You can choose which option you want and press 'OK' you will be asked to confirm the option before it proceeds. Details of those options are listed below.


Options for clearing data:

Restore Factory Settings - This option will return all menu options back to their original factory state. This will clear an IP address and network details. This option will not clear any clock times or employee data it is only designed to return the menu options to their factory default settings.


Clear All Time Log - This option will remove and clock times from the terminal. If you have not yet downloaded those times to the software then they will be gone and cannot be retreived. This option should only be used if the terminal is full of the 100,000 clock times limit or once a year if you do not want it to get full.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you remember to download and check the clock times before removing them from the terminal. If you have not downloaded them to the software and you remove them from the terminal then they are gone for good and cannot be retreived.

NOTE: This option only removes them from the terminal. It does not affect the software. If the times are already downloaded to the software then they remain in the software.


Clear All Management Log - Every time an administrator or a manager access the menu of the terminal a log is created. This log like the others can fill up. You can clear this log at any time.


Clear All Enrolled Data - This option should only be used if you are certain you want to remove all employees and their enrolled details such as fingerprints / proximity cards / pin codes from the terminal. If you only want to do this for one employee then you should either do it from the 'User' menu in the terminal or from the software.


NOTE: This option clears every employee and their enrollment from the terminal and should only be used when resetting the terminal or if directed by Technical Support.


NOTE: This option does not affect the software. If the user enrollment data has been downloaded to the software then this option will not remove it from the software only from the terminal.


If you are unsure about these options and you need to use them then you can contact Technical Support to find out more on 1300 693 610