Getting Started Guide

Network Cable

Easy Clocking time clocks are fitted with Network Interface Cards (NIC), except for the EC-20.
While the cable is more reliable than WiFi, it does require an additional cable to the network which might not be possible with some installations.
In the box there will be a RJ45 network adaptor which connects to the NIC on the back for the time clock, labelled TCP(please see below diagram). 

The NIC has a standard RJ45 network port to be used with CAT 5/5e/6 network cables and compatible with most local area networks (LAN).
Generally the time clocks communicate via TCP/IP on ports 443, 5005 and 5010, depending on the network configuration these ports will need to be open.

Note: By default the NIC is enabled, when WiFi is enabled the NIC will be disabled.

Network WiFi (Optional)

By default, the time clocks do not come with a WiFi card installed, this must be specified at the time of purchase (Fee/s apply).
Unlike cable, the terminal will only need power going into the device and connect to the network wirelessly.

For more information regarding Wifi, please click here

Note: WiFi card can be installed after purchase at additional cost, please contact the sales team

Network Overview

Just like a computer, timeclocks need an IP address to connect to your network.
This can be collected using DHCP and thus allowing your network router/server to allocate an address to the device.
As the devices send data back to the software they do not need a static or fixed assigned IP address, DHCP is fine to use.

If you are using the Windows Desktop Version (WDV) software then the computer you have it on will need to have a set IP address so that you can tell the terminal which computer to send the data to. If your computer uses DHCP and your computer gets a new IP address then the terminal/s will not communicate with the software until you update the IP address in the 'Host PC' settings in the terminal. For more information on the 'Host PC' then Click Here

Each device can have a 'Device ID' this relates to the number of terminals that you have connected. In both the Windows Desktop Version (WDV) and Cloud System this option is redundant and can be ignored.

For more information about WDV Data collection, click here
For more information about Cloud Data collection, click here

All options relating to network configuration are under the 'Set IP' menu in the terminal.


  1. Press the 'MENU' button if you are not already there.


From the 'Main Menu' you need to go to the 'Settings' menu.


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to 'Settings'
  2. Once 'Settings' is highlighted then press 'OK' to enter the settings menu. You can also press the '2' two key to go directly into this menu.


From the 'Settings' menu you need to go into the 'Set IP' option.


  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to 'Set IP' then press the 'OK' button. Or you can just press '3' three to enter the menu directly.


Once you are in the 'Set IP' menu you will see a list of options. Click Here for full details about the 'Set IP' options.


If you have a Wireless capable device then Click Here for more information about setting up the Wireless function.

Note: EC-20 is a USB only time clock