Getting Started Guide

Host PC Settings

The 'Host PC' setting only needs to be changed if you are using the 'Windows Desktop Version (WDV)' software.
If you are using the 'Cloud System' then you do not need to change this and should contact support before making changes to it.

If you are using the Windows Desktop Version (WDV) software then the Host PC IP Address should be set to the IP address of the computer where the software is installed.
The computer that has the software installe should have a static/fixed IP address. If the PC is set to use DHCP this may cause the IP address to change and thus the terminal would not be able to communicate.
Check with your IT department on how to set a static IP address on your computer.

The following settings are for telling our terminal what the IP address of your computer is.

When you go to the terminal you will see the following features.


  1. The screen displays the information about the terminal.
  2. The keypad allows you to type information in.
    NOTE: that this is a touchpad so you do not need to press down on the buttons you can just touch them and this will activate them.
  3. The arrow keys allow you to move around inside the menu and the 'OK' button allows you to select menu items.
  4. The 'MENU' button allows you access to the menu.
  5. The 'ESC' button allows you to exit the menu or exit out of menu items.


The unit may show a blank screen at times. This is normal and usually just means that the screen is in sleep mode.

When the screen is in sleep mode the first time you press a button this will only bring it out of sleep mode. You will need to press the button again to activate the option.

This does not apply to employees clocking in or out. When the screen is in sleep mode and an employee clocks in or out it registers their time and immediately comes out of sleep mode.


The main screen has the following features.


  1. It will show the current time and date.
  2. In the bottom left corner it will show you if it is connected to the (WDV) Software or the Cloud. If it says 'OFFLINE' in red then it does not have a connection to the software. It will show 'CONNECTING' in yellow when its attempting to connect and then show 'ONLINE' in green when connected. One reason may be if the computer that has the software installed is turned off. If you are on the cloud then check your internet connection and the cables for the terminal.
  3. If you have a wireless capable device then it will show the wireless connection status in the bottom right corner.


To set the 'Host PC' settings follow the instructions below:

  1. Press the 'MENU' button to enter the menu if you are not already there.

From the 'Main Menu' we need to go to the 'Settings' Menu

  1. Move to the 'Settings' option with the arrow buttons on the key pad. Once the 'Settings' option is highlighted you can press 'OK' to enter the settings menu. You can also press the '2' two button on the key pad to go directly to the settings menu.


Once in the 'Settings' menu you need to go to 'Set IP'

  1. Use the arrow keys to move to the 'Set IP' option. Once its highlighted press the 'OK' button. Or you can just press '3' three to enter the 'Set IP' menu automatically.

From the 'Set IP' menu you need to choose the options for 'Host PC Setting'

  1. Use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate to 'Host PC Settings' then press the 'OK' button to enter this menu.

In the 'Host PC Setting' you will find the following options.

  1. You need to enter the IP address of the computer where the software is installed (WDV only) if you are a cloud customer then please contact our technical support team to obtain the IP address and port of our cloud. To change the IP address use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Host PC IP Addr' option. Once its highlighted then press the 'OK' button on the key pad to edit the address. You can use the number keys to enter the numbers for the IP address and the left and right arrows to change between each group of numbers.
  2. The 'Host PC Port' should usually be left at 5010 for our WDV software unless your IT have specified another address. For our cloud customers please leave it set to its original setting or contact our support team. For WDV software please ensure that the port 5010 is not blocked by your router or firewall.
  3. The 'Ping Interval' should not be lower then 50s (seconds). This is so the software has time to process the clock times before any more are downloaded. Data will only download if there is data that needs downloading. If the data has already been downloaded it will not keep downloading again and again.
  4. To connect back to the computer or to the cloud the 'Event Transfer Mode' must be set to 'TCP/IP'



NOTE: To change any of the settings in this screen you can use the up and down arrows to first highlight the option you want to modify. Press the 'OK' button to enter the edit mode. You can use the up and down arrow buttons to change the option or the number buttons to enter numbers. Once you have the setting you want press the 'OK' button to confirm the change and exit the edit mode.



NOTE: If you are not able to communicate to the software you will first need to use a laptop with its wireless turned off to check the network port is actually live. If you plug the laptop into that network port and it gets an IP address and is able to browse the internet then you need to check the cables from the Easy Clocking terminal and the wall port. This may include using a new network cable.



NOTE: If you are a cloud customer you should not change the 'Host PC' settings unless directed to by our technical support department.