Getting Started Guide

Wifi Overview

By default, EC-50, EC-200 and EC-500 do not come with Wireless cards (Wifi).
This must be specified at the time of purchase, however some models are sold with WiFi, please confirm with the sales team prior to purchase.
Time clocks can be sent back to have Wifi cards install (Fee/s apply).

NOTE: The WiFi option allows the terminals to connect to your office Wireless network on a 2.4GHz frequency (IEEE 802.11 bg). This does not allow connection to the NextG/4G internet WiFi or wireless broadband. Those devices use a sim card to connect to the mobile phone network. Our devices DO NOT have a sim card and thus only connect to wireless routers within your network.

If you are wanting to connect to a terminal at a remote location such as a branch in another office you can do this on our cloud system or for the Windows Desktop Version (WDV) you can arrange with your IT to setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Just as with the standard cable network you can either allow the wireless card to get an IP address using DHCP or you can assign a fixed IP address to the terminal.

We recommend that you leave it as DHCP until after you have setup the WiFi connection so that you can see that it gets an IP address and thus is connected to the Wireless Router. Click Here to find out how to set a static(Fixed) IP address. You do not need to set a static IP address in the terminal as the terminal only needs to know where it is sending the data to. If its sending to our cloud then the 'Host PC' details should already be configured. If you are using the Windows Desktop Version (WDV) software then you will need to configure the 'Host PC' settings. Click Here to find out how to set the 'Host PC' settings.


The Home Screen of the device shows you the details of the Wireless connection.

  1. The icon in the bottom right corner of the device shows if you are connected to the wireless network. This would only be shown once WiFi is turned on in the device. Follw the details below regarding the setup of your WiFi.
  2. The details in the bottom left of the screen only tell you if the device is connected to the actual software. If you are using the Windows Desktop Version (WDV) software then this will still show as 'OFFLINE' if the computer that the software is on is switched. If you are on the cloud this may show 'OFFLINE' for up to 10 minutes after you first configure your wireless connection.


The settings for the Wireless network are in the 'Set IP' option in the menu.


  1. Press the 'MENU' button if you are not already in the menu.

Once in the 'Main Menu' you need to go to settings.


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Settings' option.
  2. Once the 'Settings' option is highlighted then press 'OK'


In the 'Settings' menu you need to go to 'Set IP'

  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to 'Set IP' and press the 'OK' button to enter the menu. You could also just press '3' three on the number pad to take you directly into the 'Set IP' menu.

From the 'Set IP' menu you can go to the 'WiFi' option.

  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to 'WiFi'
  2. Once 'WiFi' is highlighted press the 'OK' button to enter the WiFi settings.


Click Here for more details on entering your WiFi Settings