Getting Started Guide

Log Settings

When a user clocks in or out a log is created of the time. A log is also created when a 'Manager' or an 'Administrator' of the terminal enters the menu.
These logs have a limit and we need to be warned before they hit the total limit so that we can clear all records before the limit is hit.

If a log gets to its maximum limit then it can no longer accept logs and the system will not save data such as employee time records.
For this reason we can set how many logs before the maximum it needs to warn us that it is running out of space.

The Time Logs for employee clock times need to reach 100,000 entries to fill up the terminal and as such may not need to be cleared for many years.
This option is simply stating when we will be warned that it is filling up.

You can change this option as follows:

  1. Press the 'MENU' button if you are not already in the menu.


Once in the 'Main Menu' you need to go to the 'Settings' menu.


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Settings' option.
  2. Press the 'OK' key to enter the 'Settings' menu.


Once in the 'Settings' menu you can go to the 'Log' menu.


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Log' option.
  2. Once the 'Log' option is highlighted then press the 'OK' button to enter the Log menu.


You will see the following options.


  1. You can use the arrow keys to select which option you want.
  2. Once the option you want to change is highlighted you can press 'OK' to edit the item and key in the number then press the 'OK' button to confirm the changes and exit the edit mode. The details of each item are listed below.


The Log Menu Options:

Management Log Warning - Each time a 'Manager' or an 'Administrator' of the terminal access the menu a log is created of this action. This is just for your information and can be cleared at any time. We do need to be warned if this is going to soon reach its maximum logs. Generally this can be lower then the warning for Time Logs as managers enter the menu far less then the employees clock in and out. By default it is usually 50 logs before the maximum. This means you just type in 50 and it will warn you when it only has 50 log spaces left.

Time Log Warning - This wanring is more important. The terminal can hold a total of 100,000 time records. This will take a long time to fill up but if we do not clear it when it reaches its maximum then it will stop collecting time records when employees try to clock in and out. We need to state how many logs can remain before the system needs to warn us that it is filling up. By default this is 500.

Re-verification Time - When an employee clocks in you do not normally want them to be able to clock again immediately after they have clocked. For example my staff memeber comes and and clocks in, he talks to his mate for a few minutes and then cannot remember if he clocked in or not. If he clocks again then you would get a clock of say 9:00am and then clock again at 9:02am. For this reason you can set a number of minutes before the terminal allows them to clock again. This would mean instead of clocking at 9:02 the terminal would tell the employee that they have 'Previously Verified' and not record the second clock time.

If the warnings about the logs filling up appears on the terminal then you can Click Here to find out about 'Clearing Data' from the terminal.