Getting Started Guide

USB Disk Overview

The Easy Clocking time clocks allow for collection of data using a USB Disk, also known as USB Drive, USB Pen Drive, USB Key or USB Stick.

This means if you lose connection to the device on your network you can go to the device and collect the times manually and download them back to the software.

The USB option allows you to also backup the user database on the time clock. This is not for return to the software, it just allows a backup of the user details on the device and to load that same database onto other devices. (This can be done in the software with network connection).


There is a port on the bottom of the terminal for you to plug in a USB Disk. Any USB disk should work.

Note: If the USB does not detect try formatting the USB on your computer first then try again.
The file downloaded is very small so any size USB Disk will be fine.



Once the USB Disk is plugged in you can use the 'MENU' to access the USB options.


  1. Press the 'MENU' button to enter the 'Main Menu'


Once in the 'Main Menu' you can go to 'USB Disk'


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'USB Disk' option.
  2. Once 'USB Disk' is highlighted press the 'OK' button to access the USB. You can also just press the '3' three button to access the 'USB Disk' menu directly.


Once in the 'USB Disk' menu you will see the following options.


  1. Use the up and down arrow to navigate the options in the list. Press the 'OK' button to select an option.
  2. The options in the list are detailed below.


The following options are available:

  •  Download New Time Log - This option will download any of the time logs that have not been previously downloaded. When you download time records they get marked as downloaded. This simply allows you to download only the newest time logs and not older ones already in the software. 



  • Download All Time Log - This option will download all time logs in the device even if they have been previously downloaded. This can help if you where unable to upload the times in the software and have to try again.



  • Download New Management Log - The logs of when a manager or an administrator have accessed the 'MENU' can be downloaded onto a USB drive. This is just for your records and does not get uploaded to the software. The process creates a text document on the USB Disk that you can open on your computer. Just like the time logs when you download management logs they get marked as already downloaded. This option allows you to download records not already downloaded. The same method can be used for downloading management logs as for the time logs except you choose the 'Download New Management Log' option.


  • Download All Management Log - This option allows you to download all the management logs including those you have downloaded in the past.



  • Download User Database - This option allows you to download the users database including the fingerprint templates onto the USB Disk. The file is an encrypted file and cannot be accessed on your computer. It is only used as a backup and to upload to other terminals. 


You can also scroll down and find the last option in this menu.


  1. Press the down arrow until you see the 'Upload User Database' option which is the final option in this menu.
  2. The details of this are listed below.


  •  Upload User Database - This option allows you to upload the user database that was downloaded onto a USB Disk from another time clock. If you are connected to your software by the network you do not need to use this option. This is just a backup option if you lose connection on your network. 


NOTE: The above options are not required if you are connected to your software through your computer network. They are simply a backup method in case your network has issues and you cannot connect directly to the time clock.

NOTE: The employee database cannot be uploaded to the software it is only for backup and to be uploaded to other time clock.