Getting Started Guide

Device Information

The 'Device Information' menu is shown on the terminal as 'Device I..' in the 'Information' menu.
This gives you details such as the serial number, firmware and manufacture date of the terminal.

To access this information you can follow these steps:

  1. Press the 'MENU' button if you are not already in the menu.



Once in the 'Main Menu' you need to go to the 'Information' option.


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Informat...' option.
  2. Once it is highlighted press the 'OK' button to enter the Information menu. You can also just press the '4' four button to enter the information menu directly.



Once you are in the 'Information' menu you will be able to select the 'Device I...' option which is short for 'Device Information'


  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to 'Device I...'
  2. Once this option is highlighted press the 'OK' button to enter this option. You can also just press the '2' two button to enter the 'Device Information' menu directly.



Once in the 'Device Information' menu you will see the following data.


  1. You can use the up and down arrow to navigate the data on the list. There are no options to do in this screen so no need for the 'OK' button.
  2. The details of each item in the list are below.


> Release Date - This refers to the release date of the firmware that is on the terminal. This date will change depending on what version of the firmware is installed.


> Serial Number - This is imiportant to note because when you register the terminal in the software you need to know what its serial number is. This is also listed on the back of the terminal and on the box that the terminal came in. But if you don't have the box and don't want to remove the terminal from the wall you can look here in the menu to find the serial number.


> Manufacturer - This simply means the company that actually made the terminal. This will always show 'Easy Clocking'.


> Product Name - This shows the details of the product you have. For example EC50 will be shown for the proximity card terminal and EC50-W for the wireless version of this terminal. The same for the EC500 and EC500-W for wireless.


> Product Type - This is for our internal information and simply states TR for Time Recorder and AC for AC Power thus TR/AC.


If you continue to scroll down there are two more items in the list.


  1. Use the down arrow to display the final two options.
  2. The details of these options are listed below.


> Engine Version - This simply relates to the processor type for the terminal.


> Firmware Version - This specifies the firmware (software) that is currently installed on the terminal itself. The firmware relates to the icons that you see on the terminal and the options available in the menu. The firmware does not need updating unless our Support Team indicates that there is a fault that requires firmware replacement.


NOTE: Once you have finished looking at the data in this list you can press the 'ESC' button on the terminal to escape out of the 'Device Info' menu.