Getting Started Guide

View Management log

A 'Manager' or an 'Administrator' of the terminal can access the menu to view records of the management logs.
The management logs simply show when managers have entered the menu and when the device has been turned on and off.|
This is in the 'Advanced' option of the 'Information' menu.

Follow these steps to access this option:

  1. Press the 'MENU' button if you are not already in the menu.



Once in the 'Main Menu' you need to go to the 'Information' option.


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Informat...' option.
  2. Once it is highlighted press the 'OK' button to enter the Information menu. You can also just press the '4' four button to enter the information menu directly.



Once you are in the 'Information' menu you will be able to select the 'Advanced' option.


  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the 'Advanced' option.
  2. Once 'Advanced' is highlighted press the 'OK' button to enter this menu. You can also just press the '3' three button to enter the 'Advanced' menu directly.


Once you are in the 'Advanced' menu you can then go to 'View Management Log'


  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate to 'View Management Log'
  2. Once 'View Management Log' is highlighted press the 'OK' key to enter the menu.


You will then be asked to select the information such as the Date period and the user ID that you want to view. If you leave user ID as all '0' zero's then you will be shown all management logs with all of the manager user ID's.


  1. You can use the up and down arrow to navigate to the option you want. By default you will be on the 'User ID' field. If you press the 'OK' button while on this field it will immediately activate the search of the records.
  2. You can use the number keys to change the user ID if you want to just search a specific user ID.
  3. You can choose the period to view the data for. If you choose anything other then 'Specify Dates' then the field 'From' and 'To' are greyed out and are ignored.
  4. You can change the User ID or just press the 'OK' button to activate the search.


Date Settings


> All - This option will not allow you to specify a from and to date and will ignore anything currently listed in those to blocks. It simply searches all time logs on the terminal.


> Last Week - This will set the period to the last week of dates and then allow you to search on those. Again you will see no change in the 'From' and 'To' as these are only used when specifying dates.


> Last Month - As it suggests this will show you the last months worth of data.


> Specify Dates - This option will activate the 'From' and 'To' fields allowing you to key in a date range that you want to see. Once you navigate to the 'From' or 'To' field press 'OK' to begin editing and then 'OK' to confirm your changes.


Once you press 'OK' in the 'User ID' field or navigate to 'Search' and press 'OK' you will then see the following list.


  1. You will see all the logs in the list. At the top you will see the number of the log highlighted and how many logs are in the list.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to navigate the list. The 'OK' button is not used as this is just a list of information and there are no functions available.
  3. Press the 'ESC' button once you are done in the list to exit it.