Getting Started Guide

Before you enroll users fingerprints at the terminal it is strongly recommended that you setup that user in the software. That way the 'User ID' will match what is in the software.

For information on setting up users in our 'Cloud System' you can Click Here

For information on setting up users in our 'Windows Desktop Version (WDV)' software Click Here

The enrollment of the the fingerprints is the MOST IMPORTANT step in the user setup. If you do not get a good enrollment then they will always have trouble clocking in and out.


Easy Clocking EC500 Enrollment How To-HD from Support on Vimeo.


The chart below shows how the user should hold their finger on the terminals fingerprint reader in order to get a good read.

Use the chart above once the terminal is asking you to place your finger. Again it is very important that the user place their finger flat on the glass and not at an angle. They do not need to put pressure on the glass as this makes the fingerprint ridges go flat and will not give a good read.

Enroll Fingerprints

At the terminal follow these steps:

  • Press the 'MENU' button to enter the menu.
  • You will then see the options available in the menu.

When you see the menu you have the following options:

  1. To enrol fingerprints you want to be in the 'User' Menu. By default this should be the first menu highlighted and you can just press 'OK' to continue.
  2. You can use the arrow keys to navigate back to the 'User' menu if it is not the one highlighted. Then press 'OK' to select it.
  3. You can press the '1' one key to enter directly into the user menu as you can see there is a number 1 listed at the top left of that menu which indicates which number on the key pad can be pressed to access it.

Once you have pressed 'OK' you will be given the following two options.

Follow these steps:

  1. The 'Enroll' option is normally the first item highlighted. If so you can simply press the 'OK' button to enter this option.
  2. You can use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Enroll' menu if it is not currently highlighted. Once highlighted you can press 'OK' to access this menu.
  3. You can also press the '1' one key to access this option.


Once you enter the 'Enroll' menu you will be asked which ID number you are enrolling. If the user already exists once you key in their ID number their name will appear (Unless previously enrolled but only using USB Drive)

Follow these steps:

  1. In the 'User ID' field you use the number key pad to enter the user ID. If you have the terminal connected to the software through your network or to our cloud then you can simply press 'OK' at this point as all other details can be edited from the software or cloud.
  2. You can use the arrow keys to move to the other options if you are using USB only. Then press the 'OK' button to select the option you are changing. Use the arrow keys to change the option and then press the 'OK' button to complete the changes.
  3. Only change the level from 'Employee' to 'Administrator' if you have already enrolled a fingerprint, proximity card or pin code for the user.
  4. The 'Permissions' here simply means can they use the terminal. If they are going to be clocking in and out then you need to set this to yes. This should be its default setting anyway.
  5. If you have changed any of the user levels then you need to use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'OK' displayed on the screen. Then press the 'OK' on the key pad to save the changes.


Once you have selected which user you want and pressed the 'OK' button you will be shown the options available for enrollment.


The following options are available:

  1. You can use the up and down arrow keys to change the highlighted option. Then press 'OK' to select that option.
  2. The 'Fingerprint' option should be highlighted by default. If it is simply press 'OK' to begin the enrollment process. You will need to make sure the staff memeber is with you and that you have both understood the chart at the top of this document regarding the placement of fingers on the scanner.
  3. The card option is available if you want to enroll proximity cards instead of or as well as fingerprints. Click Here for more information on enrolling proximity cards.
  4. There is also an option for enrolling 'Password' which is for the 'Pin Code'. To find out more about enrolling passwords you can Click Here.


Once you have selected the 'Fingerprint' option and pressed 'OK' you will be asked to place the finger you want to enroll on the scanner.

When you initially enroll your fingerprint the finger should be placed on the glass and left on there while the terminal does 3 reads of the finger. Its only during the enrollment that the terminals has to do 3 reads of the fingerprint as this ensures that it has all the data it needs to ensure a good read.

The employee should read the guid at the top on finger placement and leave the finger on until the device tells them it was successful.


When you see the screen above it means the device is waiting for you to place your finger on the scanner.

  1. You will notice the 3 hand icons. These will indicate as the scanner does each read of the finger.


As the device scans your finger it will show you how clear its read is and how many times it has read the finger.


The following information will be displayed.

  1. Each time your finger is scanned the terminal will display an image of how clear the read is.
  2. As you leave your finger on the scanner each hand will turn green as the terminal does each scan.

Once the terminal has completed 3 read of the finger it will tell you that it is successfull.


On completion of the 3 reads you will see the following details:

  1. The words 'Enrollment Succeeded' will appear on the terminal and the terminal will say "User enrolled successfully" from its speaker.
  2. All hand icons will now be green.
  3. You can press 'OK' and the process is complete.

Once you have enrolled the fingerprint you will come back to the screen asking what you want to enroll for that user.

  1. You will see a dot to indicate that a fingerprint has been enrolled.


You can enroll up to 10 fingerprints per user. We recommend that you enroll at least 1 finger on each hand.

This would mean that if a user has a cut on their finger they can use the finger on the other hand to clock in and out.

Once enrolled the user can begin clocking in and out.

When they clock in and out the user does not need to leave their finger on the scanner. When the user places their finger on the scanner they will see a flash under the finger. Once they see this flash they should immediately take their finger of the scanner. It will then take about 1 to 2 seconds and the scanner will state "Verified Thank You" through the speaker and a large green tick will appear on the screen.

If the user leaves their finger on the scanner once they see the flash the scanner may try and do a second read as the user is removing their finger. This can result in them seeing a message "Previously Verified" or "User not authorized". This does not always mean that the user did not clock in it often means that they simply left their finger on too long. If they try again and get the message "Previously Verified" then the clock in was successful.