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EC-200 (Fingerprint Clock) - Overview


The Easy Clocking EC200 is our basic edition employee time clock designed for small businesses, with clean environments.
With the Easy Clocking state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication technology you can track employee’s time and attendance with the touch of a finger.
Biometric fingerprint authentication is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information.
The Easy Clocking® EC200 verifies an employees identity based on the characteristics of their fingerprint.
State of the art technological advances in biometrics have now made this surprisingly affordable and popular.
The Easy Clocking fingerprint reading sensor scans any fingerprint in under 1 second; this in turn will make clocking in and out much faster for employees and at the same time saving companies time and money by paying employees for the exact time they work.
Companies will also reduce costly payroll and data entry errors caused by the old time card system.

Fingerprint Template Storage

The fingerprint scanner system has two basic jobs -- it needs to get an image of your finger, and it needs to determine whether the pattern of ridges and valleys in this image matches the pattern of ridges and valleys in prescanned images.
Only specific characteristics, which are unique to every fingerprint, are filtered and saved as an encrypted biometric key or mathematical representation. No image of a fingerprint is ever saved, only a series of numbers (a binary code), which is used for verification. The algorithm cannot be reconverted to an image, As a result, it’s virtually impossible to duplicate the original image from our mathematical representation.

 Fingerprint Template Storage

Large colour LCD display

The large easy to read full colour LCD screen displays the current time, when clocking in or out the screen displays the employee name and the large LED bar light provides employees with an instant good (green) or bad (red) punch indications with voice prompt.


Easy Clocking Display

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates “buddy punching” the practice of one worker clocking in out for another.
  • Works well in clean environments.
  • Good for up to 1000 users / 1:1 or 1:N (5000 Optional).
  • With Real-Time you see who's clocked in and out the moment it happens.
  • Built in Wi-Fi, no need to run cables (additional cost)
  • Works seamlessly with Easy Clocking time & attendance software
  • Built in RFID proximity card reader (125 Khz)
  • Ability to Download and upload records using a USB flash memory
  • Designed to work in any corporate environment
  • Touch sensing digital keypad
  • IP connectivity for LAN networks