Getting Started Guide

Cloud Software

If you have purchased our cloud-based software, the time clock Host PC Settings have been pre-configured.
All you need to do is connect your Xenio to any internet connection, as mentioned previously, by a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

Note: Any changes to these parameters should be consulted with your Local IT department and/or EasyClocking’s Support Team.


Windows Desktop Version (WDV) Software

If you are using our installed version of the software, you must configure the time clock HOST PC Settings to sync with the server or PC workstation in which you installed the software.
To configure your settings when using our Installed software, first:
Step 1. Obtain the IP address of the Host PC where you have installed the EasyClocking software
Note: It's best to have a fixed/static IP address for the Host PC, will need the local IT to assign this IP address.

Step 2. Configure the Host PC Settings on your Xenio time clock
  1. Tap on the Menu icon located in the upper left-hand side of the main screen 
  2. Select Host PC Setting 
Step 3. Verify the following parameters:
  1. Host PC IP address: Enter the IP address of the Host PC in which the EasyClocking software is installed. Refer to Step 1.
  2. Host PC Port: The device is pre-configured for our Cloud software to port 443. For Installed software users, change the port from 443 to 5010
  3. Click Save to apply the changes.
Note: On the Host Server/PC, the ports 5005, 5010 and 443 must be added to the firewall allowed list (in and outbound).