Getting Started Guide

Note: For access to the full help site, multi user capable software or more information, please contact us.
This guide is limited to installing the Microsoft SQL Server, WDV Software and setting up the time clocks. 


Windows Desktop Version (WDV) Overview


Welcome to the free start up guide, this is the Easy Clocking Windows Desktop Version, is a standalone application that is installed on a single PC and collect data from the time clock.
It has a range of features allowing you to view/modify data, create reports and export to payroll programs.
The WDV is designed as a single user application and thus cannot be on multiple computers.
WDV is designed for the Australian market and can only be purchased from Resellers in Australia.


The software has two parts:

1. SQL Express 2012 database 

2. Easyclocking WDV Software


Note: The SQL database is a Microsoft product and must be configured correctly in order to work with WDV. 


You can also purchase Setup and Training for the following payroll programs.



















The Easy Clocking Windows Desktop Version has a friendly user interface making it easy to use.

It has the following features:

1.   An easy access Menu Bar that gives you links to all parts of the software.

2.   Opens to a home screen that gives larger quick access icons.

3.   Easy to access settings.


Use the menu at the left of this website to find out more about using the Windows Desktop Version.