EC - Timecard Reports - Custom Report

EC - Timecard Reports - Custom Report

The Custom report option allows you to pick & choose the information that you would like to appear in your report. All options selected in blue will be the information that will be displayed on the report. You also have the option to generate a custom report in a summarized view.

How to create custom report

  • Click on Report (1)
  • Click on Time Card
  • Go to Report Type and select Custom Report (2)
  • Select Users (3)
  • Select View (4)
  • Custom Report Template will appear (5)
  • Go to Configuration Name and name the template
  • Select required information that is required for the custom report. All options selected in blue will be the information that will be displayed on the report.
  • Tick show as summary if required.
  • Then click View to preview the report. (6)
  • Click Save if you wish to save the template.

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