EC - Editing Time Logs

EC - Editing Time Logs

To edit time logs when monitoring time cards, please do the following:

  • Click on Dashboard then click on Timecards.
  • Confirm the pay period you wish to modify is correct.
  • Select a user from the list and their time log will display.
  • Select the time log, edit the time, then select  to save.
  • Each log edited by an Administrator will display this icon  ,If you hover your mouse over the icon it will display the name of the administrator that edited the log.

Bulk Timecard Edit
The bulk timecard edit feature in the  software will allow you to easily modify multiple employees and their punches at once.
  • Click on Dashboard tab
  • Click the second tab - Bulk Timecard Edit

To edit employees and their punches in bulk, proceed as follows:
a) Click on the check-mark box to Select All employees.
b) You can also Select Individual employees by holding down CTRL on your keyboard, and clicking on the desired employee(s.) 
c) To select multiple days, hold CTRL on your keyboard and select the day(s) you would like to add/edit punches for.
d) Edit the Time In and/or Time Out
e) The + symbol allows you to add an additional line for a particular day. This is used when you have employees that punch in/out for lunch or breaks. 
f) The  symbol will immediately delete all punches for any given line. 
g) Click Save in the lower right hand corner to save the edit(s.)

The times will appear in the dashboard under the employees timecard. 

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