EC - Reports -Time Card

EC - Reports -Time Card

Easy Clocking offers the following report options to help manage and review your employee time logs:

  • Detailed: This report is a copy of the actual employee time card. It includes individual time logs per day, along with daily and grand totals for the pay period. (Refer to Figure 1 below.)
  • Summary: This report lists all users and their total hours for the pay period, sorted by: Regular, Overtime, Double-time, Break totals, Absence totals, and grand totals. (Refer to Figure 2 below.)
  • Department Summary: This report is the same as our Summary report, sorted by department. You can click View without filtering a particular department, or filter out the department you would like to review.
  • Location Summary: This report is the same as our Summary report, sorted by location. You can click View without filtering a particular location, or filter out the location you would like to review.
  • User Location Summary: A summary of hours per user, sorted by their location.
  • Position Summary: A summary of hours per Position. This report provides a count of employees within the position.
  • Hours Only: The Hours only report excludes dollar amount data.
  • Weekly: Regardless of the company pay period setting, this report will break the cycle down by week.
  • Exceeding Hours Audit: This report will generate the hours worked over a custom, specified amount of hours. 
  • Overtime Hours Approval: This report works in conjunction with a time clock setting to provide audit information on which manager approved an employee to work beyond their shift. To find out how to configure the setting and use the feature, please contact out main support line.
  • Shift Detailed: This report is the same as our detailed report, broken down by Shift.
  • Timelog Audit Trail: A report to track Manager and Administrative edits.
  • Timelog Audit Trail Detailed: A more detailed version of the Audit Trail report. It provides the Project, Job and Reason for the edit (if any.)
  • Approval Status: Provides information per employee on what the status of their time card approval is. There are three status': Pending ApprovalReviewed and Approved.
  • Custom Report: A report that you can customize to only generate the columns and information that you want. You have one template, and can create as many different custom reports as you'd like. (Refer to Figure 3 below.)
Time card report settings

On the report section, there are also settings that can be applied to each one of them. To locate the report settings, click on the settings button towards the upper right of the reports page. Some of the settings that can be applied are described as follows:
  • Show in New Window.- This setting allows to preview the report in another web page and not in the reports section.
  • Show all days.- Allows to display all days for the report when generated. For days that the employee did not attend to work, it will display 'did not work'. For days scheduled to work, but no time was recorded, it will display absent.
  • View in Decimal.- By default the report's total time displays in minutes, but when this option is checked the totals show in decimals of hours. Example an employee working 7 hours and 30 minutes will display 7.50
  • One page per User.- By default when running a report for multiple users, the reports will be fit in the page one employee after the next. If you choose this feature you will be able to generate reports using one page per employee.
  • Show Cover Page.- When this feature is used, the report will have a cover page displaying what employees are in the report.
  • Group by Department.- When this feature is used, the software will generate the report for the selected employee but sorted by the group they belong to with total amount recorded for each group.
  • Show Location.- This feature is used to show the location or the time clock name. 
  • Export.- The reports can be exported in PDF, RTF and Excel formats.

Figure 1: Detailed Report

Figure 2: Summary Report

Figure 3: Custom Report

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