EC - Who's In

EC - Who's In

Who's In feature in Easy Clocking displays (in real-time) the latest punch state of the employee based on the time record. You could use this feature to see, at a glance, what your employees are doing at that given moment.
The "Day Status" for the 'who's in' screen could be one of the following:

Please Note: In order to be able to see any of the below "Day Status" items, the schedules must be created for all employees, otherwise the system will only know once the employee has clocked In/Out for the day. The system is only as accurate as the clocking data that is being fed into the software. It depends on the employees clocking in and out and the devices being online to provide the real-time data.
  • Absent.- The employee has been scheduled to work, but has not clocked in yet.
  • Reported Absence.- The employee has called in sick, or has another type of absence that has been scheduled the day.
  • Working.- The employee is currently clocked in.
  • Working (Late).- The employee is currently working but came in late based on the shift assigned.
  • Out.- The employee is either out to lunch or gone for the day.
  • Out (Late).- The employee is either out to lunch or out gone home, but arrived late in the morning

Where to locate the Who's in page
  • Click on Dashboard then click on Who's In.
  • At the moment the page is accessed, the information described above will display. (See picture below)
  • Also, the information displayed can be filtered in any of the criteria described below by check mark selection:
  1. By Departments.-Allows viewing who's in information for the departments selected, regardless of the location they belong to.
  2. By Locations.- Allows viewing who's in information for the locations selected, regardless of the department they belong to.
  3. By jobs.- Allows viewing who's in information for the Job Codes selected.
  4. By Status.- Allows viewing who's in information by the status described above.

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