EC - Creating Schedules

EC - Creating Schedules

Schedules Overview

Easy Clocking Cloud Software allows tracking worked time using schedules (or without). When an employee works, time is tracked using schedules. Employees will be paid only for the time recorded within the schedule assigned. However, any worked time recorded outside the schedule assigned will also be tracked, and could be approved to be paid if needed. We call this feature Approve Out Of Shift.

The ability to track worked time using schedules is a global setting in the application. When the software is initially configured, defining if schedules will be used or not is part of the initial setup. If you wish to change or verify software’s configuration to use schedules, click on Settings, then General, and then click on Pay Setting. 

Once this feature is enabled, the next steps are to Create Shifts and to Create additional Pay Classes if needed. 
Please note: A default pay class has been setup in the Easy Clocking Cloud Software. Do not alter or change the default pay class.

Creating a Schedule
In order to create a schedule, remember you must have first created a shift(s). 
  1. Click on Dashboard
  2. Schedules, Select User from Employee List or select all.
  3. Follow the Schedules tab to the right and click Schedule Options, Click Create Schedules

When an administrator is creating a schedule, a window appears where the administrator will navigate through 4 different tabs, selecting the corresponding settings to the schedule being created.  

The first tab displays the employee(s) selected.
You are then prompted to select the location for where the employee(s) will be scheduled to work.  Refer to Locations to Create a Company Location.

 Click Next to proceed.

The second tab prompts the administrator to “Select the Recurrence Pattern.” This is where you would define if you would like this schedule to be repeated either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will also need to select the days of the week that this schedule will be created for.
  • Select the start and end date for this schedule - the Easy Clocking software will allow you to create a schedule for up to one calendar year.
  • Click on the drop down box to find the shift that you would like to assign to the employee. If there are several shifts, you can begin typing in the name or time that you assigned for that shift and it will filter out the rest of the list. You also have the option on this window to create a NEW shift for the system. Simply, click the check mark box for New, found under the “select a shift” option, and a slot will open for you to create a shift.

Click Next to proceed
  • The third tab gives the administrator the option to select a different Pay Class from the employee’s default pay class.
  • You can also select a Pay differential here, IF the employee pay rate differs from their default.
Click Next to proceed
  • The fourth tab prompts you to select the Project and select the Job that will be assigned to this schedule (if you are using projects and jobs)
    Click Create when finished.

When modifying/removing schedules for employees, an administrator may now delete specific days within the schedule. For example, if an employee has been scheduled for a whole week, the administrator can now choose to delete a single day, such as Wednesday for a Monday-Friday schedule, as opposed to having to clear the whole week and re-create the schedule over from scratch.

Navigate to:
  1. Dashboard
  2.  Schedules
  3.  Select User/Employees from Employee List
  4. Follow the Schedules tab to the right and click Schedule Options
    Click Delete Schedules 
  5. A window will appear.

  • Employee(s) that you have selected
  • Select the Shift that you are deleting
  • Select the Day(s) of the week that you would like to delete.
  • Select the Start & End date time frame that contains the schedule you would like to modify.
    • Click Delete

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